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Dec 5 Webinar – Are your Domino applications preventing you from migrating?

Eliminate your Domino licenses and retain access to your Domino applications. Presented by Rivit Technology Partners Join us for a free Demonar on Wednesday, December 5th, at 1 PM EDT (GMT – 5) and learn how you can continue to access Domino application...

Featured LTAP Session: The cost of migrating to Exchange (a real example)

The cost of migrating to Exchange  (a real example) presented by Dale Jones. See more LTAP sessions See a real-world cost and quote analysis for MS Exchange and Lotus Notes for 1,000 users.  Actual quotes, Microsoft Sales Design, and Expert Lotus Domino...

How is our Domino pulse?

In a 2010 survey conducted by Notes Code, we measured our Domino pulse in the community.  Here are the results: Same survey (in progress) May/June 2012:
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