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Trip to Lotusphere Connect 2013 Winner

Congratulations to Brad Hair! Brad started working with Notes in 1995 using R3, with a first implementation being 4.0 as soon as it was released. Beginning with pure administration, he quickly realized the ease and value of development and soon began...

Win a trip to Connect / Lotusphere 2013

Congratulations to Brad Hair!  He is the lucky winner. Check back for pictures from Lotusphere / Connect 2013! WIN A TRIP TO CONNECT / LOTUSPHERE. How?   It’s simple.   Attend webinars and demonars for products that your organization truly...

MAC PACK winner announced

Notes Code’s famous Mac Pack prize at Lotusphere was again a hit.   Even last year’s winner wanted to enter again (imagine that).    The winner can chose a Mac Pack (Mac Airbook, iPad, and Apple TV)  or a family pack of iPads (three...

Lotusphere 2011 Backpack Winners

Were sorry that everyone can’t win a Lotusphere backpack stuffed with all of the fun toys, shirts and gizmos from Lotusphere.   Better luck to you at Lotusphere 2012.   Here are pictures from some of the winners:
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