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Wednesday, Feb 21st


Internal teams rushed off their feet? Never enough hours in the day for all those admin tasks? Whether it is IBM Connections, Domino, Sametime or a Mail Migration project … we can help!

Documentation gone AWOL?

One of the most common things our services team hear from customers is “We have no documentation for that”.
Little or no documentaton can be time consuming, frustrating and show-stopping. Let us help by bringing the knowledge back to your team with our Documentation and Health Check Service.

Things running slowly?
Regular maintenance and system tuning are an essential part of keeping systems running smoothly. Is this being done? Do you have all the information required to do this? How about an AdminBot to take care of regular maintenance.

Feeling left behind?
Lack of time, appetite or resources holding an upgrade or migration back? Feeling left behind as systems are 2 or 3 versions out of date? Taking advantage of an Upgrade and Migration service could save you time and effort.

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