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March 29th,  11 AM EDT  (New York)

So long as you have a valid subscription to IBM Domino then you have access to arguably the most powerful parts of IBM Connections for free. IBM Connections Profiles allows you to create a network of knowledge workers in your organization. Having access to the right skills at the right time can save you hours in your next project.

Think of IBM Connections Files as your corporate version of a cloud based file sharing service. Integrate that into your Notes client and think of the possibilities. Roll IBM Verse On-Premise into this scenario and the important-to-me bar gets populated with important information from Profiles. Using Files as your attachment store means that you will send links and not attachments ever again.

Want to take it a stage further and include the rest of IBM Connections applications; Wikis, Blogs, Activities, Bookmarks, Forums & Communities? No bother, we can add those or start you there from the beginning.

Come and listen to our Services experts explain the benefits and processes that will enable you to take advantage of these facilities.   In this webinar you will learn how to:

– Make the most of your existing entitlements
– Get ready for Verse On-Premises
– Start a pilot for Connections without having to learn everything ahead of time
– Using IBM Connections 6.0 – Be ready for the future and Connections Pink

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