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Webinar:  Lost in Content – How to ensure users have a reason to use IBM Connections and get content that is targeted to them.

Social is good – especially IBM Connections, but a major challenge is driving increased engagement and better teamwork. While Connections provides a rich array of engaging services… most user’s find the experience … overwhelming!

When a user gets introduced to Connections, the user does not have a sense of belonging, who to connect to so he/she can create a network or even how to update their own profile. One way of overcoming the overload syndrome, is to let the users work with Connections without knowing that they are using Connections!

We will show you how to on board your users in IBM Connections Cloud or On-Premise users via an “App” that can be part of the Neo.Dashboard experience or as stand alone application to any other environment. This unique on boarding experience is modular in design so that each organization can tailor it to their own unique needs.

What issues can On Boarding solve?
• People update their profiles so it will be easier to find experts and they also be found!
• Access to important public communities are established – The user chooses what is important to them!
• Once a users completes the process, the Activity Stream is populated with content based on a users preferences
• Show training or introduction videos to each new user to explain the new environment to them
• Company Policies can be enforced and accepted before a users enters Connections!

We will show you how to break down the overload syndrome via a compelling, mobile friendly engaging and simple to navigate experience.

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