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May 25, 2016
11 AM EDT (GMT -4)


IBM Domino Messaging Security and Policies Made Secure, Simple and Affordable

What’s missing in your Domino messaging policies and security?

A lot of important information is shared across the world via email. No other medium is as fast or as efficient in everyday use. Yet the use of email gives rise to numerous legal and operational requirements that companies need to consider.

Here is what you are missing in your Domino messaging:
– Easy policy control without “Full Admin” access for all policy managers
– Centrally controlled email signature branding and disclaimers
– Centrally managed Out-of-Office delegation and forwarding
– Digital signature and encryption with or without PKI

In this webinar learn how to:

– Encrypt emails without certificates; quick and simple with instant encryption
– Protect corporate branding with centrally managed unified signatures and legal disclaimers
– Centrally manage Out-of-Office delegation and forwarding
– Manage attachments using filtering and compression

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