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November 20th
11 AM  EST  (GMT – 5  New York)


Administrators: Actually take these coming holidays as holidays.

The best gift is the gift of time.  RPR Wyatt’s VitalSigns monitoring solution offers a way to realistically step away.  Step away with the knowledge and assurance that all your critical collaboration components – Email, Instant Messaging and Mobile devices are being scrutinized for availability and performance by VitalSigns.

The RPR Wyatt November Webinar is focused on the high profile area of Traveler.  Whether you are looking for a Traveler monitoring / management solution, or you simply want to know how to improve your end-user experience and assure Traveler reliability for your organization – you will want to attend this presentation.

At the November  Webinar you will hear about the various ways Traveler and Traveler High Availability can be monitored for performance, and see detailed metrics on mobile users and devices.

Simply stated, VitalSigns is the most advanced server health monitoring and performance tool and it offers the deepest Traveler monitoring available.  Please  make sure to attend our Webinar “Maximize Traveler with VitalSigns” so you too can step away for the holidays.

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