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It’s not uncommon for organizations to have almost as many Domino application databases as mail files. That’s a lot of applications to migrate to a new platform.

Research shows that up to 50% of the Domino applications identified for migration are only required for reference, compliance or business continuity purposes and provide little to no true business value.  These shouldn’t be migrated, it’s too costly and time consuming.

Archive these applications for just a small fraction of the time and cost to migrate them.  Provide your users with immediate online access to these applications without a dependency on Domino.  And better yet, get someone else to do it all for you.

Dcom converts Domino applications to web based archives, allowing end users to view, search, and manage the application data without any trace of Domino.

The cost to archive and maintain each application with Dcom is less than 5% of what it would cost to migrate them.  And the best part, Rivit does it all for you, including hosting!


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