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Mobilite demos were very popular at the Connect conference.  It was not unusual for a crowd to be watching how fast Mobilite can “mobilize” Notes applications and workflow without coding.

Mobilizing Notes has different meaning for each organization or maybe has not been defined yet by your organization.   Regardless of which stage of defining “mobilization” at your company,  Mobilite should be in your conversation.

Here’s why:

– Mobilite uses configuration documents to mobilize steps in your workflow.  For example, you want a manager to be able to approve expense requests from his mobile device.   This could be done in minutes with Mobilite.

– Mobilite is budget friendly.  For example, you have a department that needs to have mobile data input or access to key data from their mobile device in order to make their team more responsive.   Mobilite can do this without expensive coding in Xpages.  In many cases this process could require as little as an hour to configure.  And the results are instantly available on the mobile native app.

Mobilite.   It’s the app store you already own!   Learn more about this product.

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