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Win a GoPro Hero3 Camera (Black Edition!!!)

Many of you entered to win a trip to MWLUG but only one could win (Congratulations to Philip Becker). And many entered at our MWLUG booth to win a GoPro Hero3 Camera but only one attendee could win (Congratulations to Bill Malchisky). Everyone wanted this prize!!  So we decided to give everyone in the Notes world a chance to win a GoPro Hero3.

Thanks to the sponsors in these videos, you may win one of these cameras for yourself. What you need to do before September 27th:

1.  Watch these 6 short speed sponsoring videos listed below.  (each about 3 to 5 minutes long)

2.  Write down the “CLUE” letter from each video.  In each video there is a hidden clue (a letter) that will appear at some point in each video.  You will need these six letters to complete your entry form.

3.  After watching the six videos, fill out this entry form.

The videos will scale to full screen.  Click on the lower right hand corner of the video thumbnail to expand to full screen.

Video 1 of 6 – Crossware


Video 2 of 6 – BCC


Video 3 of 6 – Mobilite


Video 4 of 6 –  Maarga Systems


Video 5 of 6 – Instant Technologies


Video 6 of 6 – Docova


Once you have watched the videos, complete your entry form here.

Good Luck!!!

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