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Survey and Nexus Prize Sponsor:  Crossware Mail Signature

Please review their trial download offer below the survey results.

This survey was conducted during October and November 2012.  Thank you to everyone who responded.
Congratulations to A. Clark from Toronto, CA.    He is the lucky winner of the Nexus Tablet.


  1. Ed Brill says:

    This is very cool. I just have to ask the obvious question – sample size?

  2. Joni Snyder says:

    Enjoyed reviewing the survey results but was surprised to see some organizations are running Notes 5. Domino/Notes 8.5 is so stable and easy to maintain and support. Get busy and upgrade your users will thank you!!!

  3. Cool survey. Thank you. The QuickR and Connections figures do not seem to match with the graph though.

  4. No one using R6 ???
    Either, your sample was small, so you didn’t catch them.
    Or … R6 => R7 is so easy that everyone did it.
    Interesting survey.

  5. Interesting, though the last question is a bit confusing. Why did you ask that question? I would have asked something like: “Is your company planning an email or application platform migration?” with the follow up question of: “If yes, then what platforms are being considered?” If you feel you must lead the responder with a list of choices, it should offer more than once choice (Exchange) and it should differentiate between on premises and cloud solutions. Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and others should all be listed if you want to get a more useful response.

  6. Like Ed’s comment, sample size would add to the results specifically when one considers the last Question, “Are you planning to Migrate to Exchange”, is 14.5% an indication of large volumes of companies thinking of migrating? Is this a trend that is cause for concern? Reasons for considering a move to Exchange would have been interesting….

    Would also be interesting to hear if companies on Exchange are considering a move to Domino… Just to get some perspective…

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