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written by Joe Sharmer

One of the things I’ve found is that sometimes the obvious is not always the best.  The Nagle TPCIP algorithm basically takes a bunch of smaller TCP packets and then sends them all at once, in theory reducing network overhead and allowing for more effective way of transporting your Lotus Notes server traffic.  Make sense right?

IBM thought so too. That’s why in versions of Lotus Domino server before 8.5 this feature is enabled.  Unfortunately even though it sounds like a good idea, Nagle and Notes don’t always get along.  In testing I’ve done, I have seen up to 400% improvements in load times by disabling the Nagle algorithm.  Having Notes web pages go from taking 20 seconds a page to 5 is a significant improvement and a change you may want to take a look at in your environment.  If you’ve already upgraded to Domino 8.5 already, Nagle is off by default. 

To disable Nagle, add this INI setting: DEBUG_PD_NAGLE_OFF=1 (remember to test in the lab first!).

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